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So this song I wrote after I’d moved back to Gloucester and decided to do a series of sea songs. Most of my lyric writing when I first moved to Gloucester in the fall of 2010 occurred on my walks to Brace Cove. I’d slap on my iPod, walk down to Brace Cove, walk through the retreat center’s woods (No Trespassing? Yeah, right.) and emerge via wooden steps to the crazy rocks on the ocean that make Gloucester so interesting. The combination of visual and aural stimuli was exactly what I needed to let my mind just sort of free associate.

I was pretty determined to write about the ocean–this was just after I wrote “High Tide,” and the tongue-twister “She sells sea shells by the sea shore” struck me as something I could work with. The saying is entirely stupid: why would you sell sea shells at the beach? There’s already a million shells there… people can just go pick them up. I felt like I was in a similarly questionable part of my life, having no sense of direction at the time. So the song evolved into a story about a girl who tries to find meaning in a sort of senseless situation. She’s doing this thing, that she doesn’t necessarily want or understand, while waiting for something else. And what she winds up finding important is the happiness brought to her by the other people in her life.

Obviously it’s about me. Isn’t everything? In any case, enjoy.

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