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So this is my newest song… I wrote it after I played the Brew Pub last week. I hadn’t played in a while, and it was definitely nice to get back out there. It was a quickie, just a 7 song set, but I played some of my new originals, like Guts, and then some of the old ones that the band used to play, like Weakest Force with some of the guys. Plus some Regina Spektor and St. Vincent. Gotta love those female singer-songwriters. And then I had a beer, of course.

I got home and was all warmed up, plus I’d been kicking around the lyrical idea of having to “put down” a relationship for a couple days, hence impromptu late night writing session. It was sort of a weird one, in that I had already thought of most of the lyrical material, not really knowing what the hook would be, and then the “don’t you know what being let go feels like?” just came out of my mouth. Sometimes I just don’t know where this stuff comes from.

I’m thinking the next song I tape should be a cover, since you guys loved that Toxic shit. Any ideas? I’d like to do another random one, maybe rap? Ha.

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