High Tide

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So here’s a story about this song:

I worked at this restaurant the summer of 2010 on Cape Cod that sold a lot of lobsters. We had a lobster tank right when you walked in the door that drew lots of tourists in. We sold 1.5 and 3 pound lobster dinners, but one day when I walked into work there was a NINETEEN pounder. So huge that they had to duct tape his claws shut since they didn’t have rubber bands that big. We called him Duct Tape Charlie. Do you know how old a 19 pound lobster is? About 90. Homeboy saw submarine warfare for chrissake.

Anyway, the owner decided we weren’t going to sell him, that we’d set him back free in the ocean, but we’d keep him for the tourists for a couple weeks. Well, it was too late for Charlie. He died in the tank, of course.

I found this out while I was visiting my brother on Nantucket. I got a phone call from a co-worker after a couple drinks, and I just totally lost it. I do frequently get beer tears, but this was a bad one. My very accommodating brother tried to talk me down, saying that this anxiety was coming from the fact that I had just graduated from college, and I was about to move home after the best summer of my life and I had no real life trajectory–all of which was true. Of course I retaliated with, “Don’t say it’s not about the lobster. It IS about the lobster!!!!”

Anyway. Part hilarious, part horrible. Sounds pretty regular. Just figured I’d share. Charlie makes an appearance in this song, since he had a surprisingly large effect on my life for a lobster.

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