Escape Artist

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This song throws back to a couple of my previous blog posts: I think I mentioned during the summer that I was working on a song called “Escape Artist.” Well, at long last, I decided to finish it! Music Mondays are really starting to put me through my paces in terms of how much a write, which is a good, if slightly exhausting thing. I had written the verse and the chorus over the summer but never had the wherewithal to finish it until now. But I’m pretty happy with it.

I guess I can call this Stealing Someone Else’s Words: Edition 2, as this is the second time in the past few weeks where I posted a song I wrote based on something someone said to me. I suppose it’s lazy, but sometimes people say things that just make my jaw drop. And at least I’m honest about it–whenever it happens, I say, “I’m going to write that down and put it in a song. Is that OK?” And for some weird reason, people always say yes. Maybe it’s the novelty of being included in a song. I have friends who will beg to be put in a song, and I suppose they don’t quite realize that I generally put people in songs who frustrate or confuse me. It’s a form of therapy, as the song is just my analysis and hopefully resolution of a situation that’s troubling me. Anyway, in this one, I think the metaphor is pretty obvious, and the first verse is basically verbatim.

Anyway, I hope you like it. And feedback is always appreciated!

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