Just a Few Musical Ruminations…



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A couple weeks ago, I was giving an impromptu concert to a few friends (it’s just something I do, sorry) and they suggest I write a happy song, and played me a youtube video of Colbie Caillat. No offense, but I find her to be the epitome of those gross acoustic girl songs–in general, I’m not interested in how some dude makes you crinkle your nose or feel bubbly or whatever.

Anyway, this song is more of an examination of all the things I don’t feel are worth putting in a song: getting crunk, for example. I think the references to recent hits are pretty obvious, and unfortunately, slightly hypocritical (which is partially intentional–this is obviously produced as a full-out pop song with literally no instruments involved.) It’s not like my songs address anything particularly deep, but at least I try to offer a clever or introspective insight on it. In any case, the content of my writing is something I’ve been thinking about a lot more, and hoping to improve. Suggestions welcome, although I don’t promise not to write a snide song in response (sorry Becca and Shan, you know I love you.)


Music Mondays!

About music mondays, recording

So in an effort to light a fire under my ass, I will be releasing a new song or video every Monday. They will mostly just be live recordings of me playing new songs/covers/whatever I feel like, since those are relatively easy to put together (at least now that I have the music room all rigged up to produce something with relatively decent sound quality, which was not the easiest feat). So… expect something tomorrow!

In other (exciting!) news, I’ve started an internship at a very well-established recording studio in Boston, so I’ve been kicking it with people who actually know their audio stuff recently. I’ve already learned a lot and I haven’t even broken the ice yet. And since I’ve been in Boston, I’ve reconvened with some of the Cape Harmony girls, and we’re getting together a new a cappella group! Thank god. Every time I think I’ve finished my a cappella career, I find my way back to it.

Good things are happening…


About recording

So, Cape Harmony’s over. Band’s broken up. Time for a fresh start…

Musically, I’m hoping that this will all allow me to focus on my writing and recording a lot more. I’ve been writing a ton since I moved back home (alone time will do that to you), and I’m very happy with what I’ve got so far.  I’m definitely going to start recording all the new stuff, and since the song quality is a lot better than what’s on Umtitled (womp womp), I think I can focus less on trying to produce it, and instead leave it more stripped down. Hopefully the songs will speak for themselves, although it wouldn’t kill me to have some guitar solos thrown on there.

Otherwise, I have some a cappella arranging to do (go figure) and then it’s just sending out resumes, I suppose. Onward!