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August update

About band, Cape Harmony

So apparently I’m not so good at this whole blogging thing. Anyway…

Life has been pretty non-stop at the Cape Harmony house. Work, sing, sleep, repeat. We sing shows Tuesday through Friday, plus rehearsals on Saturdays and Mondays, so it’s pretty much the most intensive singing schedule I’ve ever had. It also leaves me not very much time for other musical activities, so my songwriting has sort of taken a nose dive (having the keyboard next to the TV in a house full of 10 girls is not very conducive to private piano-playing time, surprise!) I did start working on something the other day that I’ve been formulating for a while, and I’m pretty happy with it. “Escape Artist.” We’ll see.

We had a private show in Gloucester last night, and the Cougarbait also played, which was both awesome and interesting for me. Switching between the mindsets of a cappella and the band has been strange so far, and to cram it into one night definitely highlighted the differences between them, as well as how much I enjoy them for their own reasons. The fact that it’s already the first week in August is nuts… I’m both super excited to play consistently with the band again, and SUPER dreading moving away from these girls who’ve I’ve grown to love. But if wanting to be in two places at once is my biggest problem, I should probably STFU about it. #whitegirlproblems?

Still haven’t announced Umtitled on facebook because I’m nervous/embarrassed to have people read this shit. I know. I’m lame.

Millie & the Cougarbait

About band


So my main project over the past couple of months has been getting together a band. A couple friends from work had been jamming together for a while before I moved to Gloucester and after being invited to play with them a couple times, I sort of sprung the idea of having a gig on them… by telling them the date of our first gig. Surprise! We all really busted our asses to get a bunch of material together and it’s been really awesome. We’ve had 2 really successful gigs at the Dog Bar and next month we are playing at the Rhumb Line on Friday the 13th, so the freaks will be out for sure.

Anyway, thank god for the band. It’s pretty much been my entire creative outlet for the past couple months… hence why I haven’t posted more new music.