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Music Mondays!

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So in an effort to light a fire under my ass, I will be releasing a new song or video every Monday. They will mostly just be live recordings of me playing new songs/covers/whatever I feel like, since those are relatively easy to put together (at least now that I have the music room all rigged up to produce something with relatively decent sound quality, which was not the easiest feat). So… expect something tomorrow!

In other (exciting!) news, I’ve started an internship at a very well-established recording studio in Boston, so I’ve been kicking it with people who actually know their audio stuff recently. I’ve already learned a lot and I haven’t even broken the ice yet. And since I’ve been in Boston, I’ve reconvened with some of the Cape Harmony girls, and we’re getting together a new a cappella group! Thank god. Every time I think I’ve finished my a cappella career, I find my way back to it.

Good things are happening…


About recording

So, Cape Harmony’s over. Band’s broken up. Time for a fresh start…

Musically, I’m hoping that this will all allow me to focus on my writing and recording a lot more. I’ve been writing a ton since I moved back home (alone time will do that to you), and I’m very happy with what I’ve got so far.  I’m definitely going to start recording all the new stuff, and since the song quality is a lot better than what’s on Umtitled (womp womp), I think I can focus less on trying to produce it, and instead leave it more stripped down. Hopefully the songs will speak for themselves, although it wouldn’t kill me to have some guitar solos thrown on there.

Otherwise, I have some a cappella arranging to do (go figure) and then it’s just sending out resumes, I suppose. Onward!

August update

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So apparently I’m not so good at this whole blogging thing. Anyway…

Life has been pretty non-stop at the Cape Harmony house. Work, sing, sleep, repeat. We sing shows Tuesday through Friday, plus rehearsals on Saturdays and Mondays, so it’s pretty much the most intensive singing schedule I’ve ever had. It also leaves me not very much time for other musical activities, so my songwriting has sort of taken a nose dive (having the keyboard next to the TV in a house full of 10 girls is not very conducive to private piano-playing time, surprise!) I did start working on something the other day that I’ve been formulating for a while, and I’m pretty happy with it. “Escape Artist.” We’ll see.

We had a private show in Gloucester last night, and the Cougarbait also played, which was both awesome and interesting for me. Switching between the mindsets of a cappella and the band has been strange so far, and to cram it into one night definitely highlighted the differences between them, as well as how much I enjoy them for their own reasons. The fact that it’s already the first week in August is nuts… I’m both super excited to play consistently with the band again, and SUPER dreading moving away from these girls who’ve I’ve grown to love. But if wanting to be in two places at once is my biggest problem, I should probably STFU about it. #whitegirlproblems?

Still haven’t announced Umtitled on facebook because I’m nervous/embarrassed to have people read this shit. I know. I’m lame.

It’s coming…

About Umtitled

All right, guys. It’s finally coming. I just spent the past 3 hours doing what I’ll call almost final mixes of the six songs on the Umtitled EP (and yes, for the last time, it’s not a typo. It’s a joke!)

Tomorrow I’m gonna burn myself a CD of the songs, go for a cruise around the beach and make sure they’re ready for posting. And if all goes as planned, they’ll be up sometime in the afternoon! I’ve been working on these songs for over a year now (of course, the distractions have included graduating college, 2 moves, Cape Harmony, Millie & the Cougarbait and a full-time job, etc) but the bottom line is, I’m super psyched to be finishing these puppies up and freeing myself up to record some new material. Because honestly, the new songs are way better.

Prepare yourselves.Umtitled.

Millie & the Cougarbait

About band


So my main project over the past couple of months has been getting together a band. A couple friends from work had been jamming together for a while before I moved to Gloucester and after being invited to play with them a couple times, I sort of sprung the idea of having a gig on them… by telling them the date of our first gig. Surprise! We all really busted our asses to get a bunch of material together and it’s been really awesome. We’ve had 2 really successful gigs at the Dog Bar and next month we are playing at the Rhumb Line on Friday the 13th, so the freaks will be out for sure.

Anyway, thank god for the band. It’s pretty much been my entire creative outlet for the past couple months… hence why I haven’t posted more new music.

headphones for everyone?

About mixing

my big problem with the upcoming EP: mixing. this isn’t terribly surprising considering my experience level (read: not much). writing, arranging, singing, recording, even producing–all these things i’ve either studied, practiced, or both. and although there’s always much, MUCH more to learn in regards to them, i feel pretty comfortable tackling all these things myself. not so with mixing.

and understandably so. here’s the deal: i’ve had a nice pair of AKG headphones that my dad bought me what feels like forever ago. i love listening to music in these things… they just suck you in in a way that’s hard to replicate unless you’ve got a set of reallllly nice speakers, and are listening at an appropriate time to crank them up (i.e. not the middle of the night when i am usually listening to music). so i’ve been doing all of my mixing on them (no way in hell i’m listening to music over my macbook speakers). i adjust all the levels, EQ, compress my vocals, etc and get it to the point where i’m pretty happy with results. and then i try to share it.

i’ll say, “hey wanna listen to this song i made?” or i’ll burn it onto a CD and hop in my car. and it does NOT sound like the song i’ve been slaving over for weeks. it sounds like crap. and inevitably the person i’m with will say, “oh no, this sounds GREAT,” which may or may not be them being nice, but the point is, it doesn’t sound the way it’s SUPPOSED to sound. isn’t there some way i can force everyone to listen on nice headphones??

no. there isn’t. so i gotta either 1) buckle down and get nice studio monitors so i’ll hear an unbiased version of the song, or 2) start mixing on a wider variety of speakers. and considering my monetary state of affairs and my january deadline, i have a feeling which option i’m going to choose…

site launch!

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so brian and i just spent the whole afternoon working on my site… i did a very basic design that he programmed (because he’s the best brother ever), and we’ve been tweaking it for a while. the big exciting news is that now i actually have a place where people can stream and download my music. yay for no longer working in a vacuum!

to be expected in the next few weeks: minor tweaks, better spacing, more pictures (so y’all can see my beautiful face). most importantly, the new EP, Umtitled, is going to be done sometime in January. promise. i know i’ve been bluffing about this for a while, but honestly, it’s something i’ve been working on forever and i think i have to suck it up and accept that it’s not gonna be perfect so i can share it with everyone… and start laying down some new tracks. because there’s been a lot coming. but more on that later.

as for now, i’m going to continue the wine drinking (surprise, surprise?) and watch firefly on netflix with bri. catch ya later!

First Post!

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just figured i’d put a little something to say hello. the goal for this blog is to allow me to put into words some of my thoughts on composing, recording and arranging, in the hopes that it can be a jumping off point for some conversation! we’ll see how it goes.

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