About music mondays, storytime

I have to say, I have really gotten far behind now that I have this full-time job.

Initially, I thought music mondays would be half videos, half recorded music. Obviously the recorded stuff takes a bit longer, what with editing and production and a general attention to detail that live videos don’t require. But lookee here, I’m about 2 months in and still have yet to put up something fully produced (aside from the film score I suppose).

Not that I haven’t been busy. Oh no no, not that at all. Of course, the commute robs me of a lot of my music time. But there was the film score, which was fun! But time consuming. There’s also the up and coming a cappella group, Sweet Caroline, that a couple of the girls from Cape Harmony and a couple of other friends are starting up. We meet every Wednesday plus I have to do arrangements once ever 2 weeks or so. And although I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like to, I spent most of my time on the train mulling over lyric ideas and planning things out. I do have to say though, it is music mondays that keep me practicing. The fact that I haven’t missed one yet really lights a fire under my ass to get something done every week. So even though I’m resorting to posting a song that’s a year old–that I wouldn’t say is necessarily one of my best, although I do have a soft spot for it–I am a little proud of myself for following through. It’s like I’m growing up or something.

Storytime: I got business cards. And I’ve just been keeping them in my pocket, and I was thinking about how it would be nice to have something to carry them around in, so they’re not all over the place. And then it hit me–that was Columbia’s graduation present to our class. Seriously. An engraved business card holder. And at the time, I thought it was absolutely the most pretentious and ridiculous object I’d ever owned. I still do in fact. And that’s why I’m still carrying my business cards around in the pocket of my 3 year old jacket, and probably will forever).

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